A slow, graceful flow  with a strong emphasis on evenness of  breath and movement.  Because of the technique it’s possible to drop into a meditative, ‘still’ state  as you begin the practice, rather than just at final relaxation. The pace of the class allows for a mindful awareness of postures, builds strength,  stability in the joints and flexibility. Depending on the class poses from beginners level through to advanced are taught.

Forrest Inspired

An introspective, emotionally grounding  practice with a physical emphasis on longer holds and the core. Athletically challenging, often with arm balances on the wall, it conditions the muscles, core, upper body and it can (as it did me) help release the lower back. Therapeutically, the practice can give you a chance to feel the poses and connect to the mind/body and build a greater awareness on and off the mat.

Yin influenced and Restorative

Mellow, quiet classes to release muscular tension and calm the mind.  Yin influenced classes are my take on  the yin training I’ve done, plus the best of  relaxation practices I’ve practiced elsewhere. Includes passive and active stretches, breathwork practices and often Forrest yoga head and neck release poses. Restorative classes include props (lots of them) which are used to support the body to naturally ease into the relaxation response.  A soft, but powerful method for those who feel both exhausted and anxious and need space and quiet.