Introduction to Crow and Chaturanga at Inspire Hot Yoga


Name Evie Costello Email Category Workshops
Date: June 23rd 2018
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
If you find your gaze sneakily wandering off admiring someone else’s crow wishing you could do that, then come along to this workshop.
Looking at crow and chaturanga -a good foundation for crow – we’ll revisit the basics and break down what’s needed in order to come into both postures. Expect work on refining technique, muscle conditioning and strengthening of core and upper body and wrist flexibility. We’ll also take a look at the things that crop up that hinder people from taking flight. These include: wibbly wobbly arms, crows that are in a good position can’t seem to fly off the floor, arm bruising, oh and erm, fear.
They’ll be plenty of stepped goes in the class to practice both poses, stumble a bit, get back up and have another try. They’ll also be bolsters available to act as a soft landing pad and/or use the bolsters for child’s pose in between trying. The workshop will finish with a breath work relaxation and a few gentle holds in poses and aromatherapy oil.
Suitable for those who are newer to yoga who want to start arm balancing. Also suitable for those looking to refine//understand chaturanga for Ashtanga inspired practices.