Monday, Graceful flow (slow vinyasa): 09:00-10:00


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(Class temporarily postponed as at 22.6.20)


Vinyasa’s translation: to place in a special way

Vinyasa’s premise : An evenness of breath, coupled with evenness of movement results in an evenness of mind. 


An all levels class focusing on a smooth, long breath blended with slow, graceful movement. Expect a mix of familiar yoga postures found within the Ashtanga primary sequence (warriors, side angled poses and forward folds) mixed with creative, dance like sequencing. They’ll be some challenge to build strength, including the core and upper body, plus peak poses including backbends and simple balances. Meditative and quiet in essence, the class encourages safe, intelligent alignment whilst giving you the time to flow, breathe fully and enjoy moving.

Open level (including beginners in good physical health)

Good for: Stress relief, all round strength and flexibility and creative types interested in breath and movement. Also good for those looking to find a quieter, meditative class to flow to away from large, crowded classes