Wednesday, Strength & flexibility for Inversions: 19:00 – 20:00


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An exhilarating, intermediate level class  for those who are looking to (or are near to) balancing. Working on a different inversion each week, the class breaks down the elements of balancing  through verbal explanation and a mindful physical practice. The session uses a mix of traditional yoga poses, timed holds, core work and some drills borrowed from other movement disciplines. The last part of the class will give you the option to put what you’ve learned into playing with a balance, doing a modification or having a rest! The class is run as more of a workshop format, with lots of individual instruction, chances to stop and repeat poses and ask questions. Poses include: crow, side crow, forearm balance, handstand, koundinyasana, and astravakrasana.

Intermediate level Good for: Upper body and core strength, hamstring and hip flexibility. Building muscle memory to balance