Tuesday: Graceful flow (slow vinyasa): 12 noon- 13:00


Vinyasa’s translation: to place in a special way

Vinyasa’s premise : An evenness of breath, coupled with evenness of movement results in an evenness of mind.

An all levels class focusing on a smooth, long breath blended with slow, graceful movement. Expect a mix of familiar yoga postures found within the Ashtanga primary sequence (warriors, side angled poses and forward folds) mixed with creative sequencing. They’ll be some challenge to build strength, including the core and upper body, plus peak poses including backbends and simple balances. Meditative and quiet in essence, the class encourages safe, intelligent alignment whilst giving you the time to flow, breathe fully and enjoy moving.

All levels, although not suitable for complete beginners

Good for: Stress relief, all round strength and flexibility. Also good for those looking to find a quieter, meditative class to flow to away from large, crowded classes

Wednesday: Strength & flexibility for Inversions: 19:00 – 20:15

An exhilarating session for people who are interested in balances but feel there is never enough time in general level class to know exactly what to do. Part mindful flow/ part workshop format, the class focuses on building awareness on sound technique as well as the physicality required.

The class starts with a verbal explanation and breakdown of the pose, detailing what needs to activate/open before moving into a tailored flow. Within the sequence, we’ll work on warming, strengthening and opening the body prepping for the peak balance and from there you’ll have the chance to practice the pose. The latter part of the session is more stop/start where you have the choice to play with pose, ask questions and receive more personal instruction. Class ends with a well earned relaxation.

One balance is practiced in a 4 week cycle to build muscle memory, strength and awareness of the ‘how to’s’

All levels, although not suitable for complete beginners.

Good for: Upper body and core strength, hamstring and hip flexibility. Building muscle memory for all balances

Wednesday: ‘Early night’ relaxation: 20:30 – 21:30

An all levels class to help ease midweek mental and physical stresses and encourage a good night’s sleep. As well as yoga postures, there is a strong emphasis on breath work to lower the heart rate and encourage the body’s relaxation response. Most of the postures are practiced on the floor and are a mix of yin, restorative and stretches borrowed from other movement disciplines. Some are soft and supportive (restorative), some use timed holds and to release tension in the connective tissues (yin). Others are shorter, feel good stretches that release common areas of tension. Bring pillows, blankets and anything that is comfortable. No yoga kit necessary, pyjamas and fluffy socks work well 🙂

Open level (including beginners with no major physical ailments)

Good for: Sleep, managing anxiety and stress, sporty people looking to stretch and people looking release common areas of physical tension due to lifestyle.