About Me

I discovered yoga in 2002 via an Ashtanga beginners course. Whilst unsure if I’d really connect with yoga, (I was never good at sitting still, or considered myself a ‘yoga’ person)  I eventually found myself loving both the athleticism, breath-work and deep feeling of relaxation afterwards. At the time I working within another passion of mine, comedy production, but my life changed direction with serious illnesses within the family. Yoga provided a constant, peaceful anchor at a difficult period and it prompted me to delve deeper into the practice, learn more philosophically and eventually (when I thought I had something to offer) inspired me to teach.


I qualified with Yogacampus (the educational wing of The Life Centre) in 2012, but my main inspirations have always been through regular classes with great teachers plus my own self practice. In particular from 2010-2013 I practiced Mysore style and intensive vinyasa, benefiting from Eileen Gauthier’s intelligent knowledge of the body and precise adjustments and in 2011, Rocket yoga with Amme Poulton, with its arm balancing, laughter and all-round happy atmosphere which always felt like a ray of sunshine every time I visited.. My practice continues to develop and since 2013 my main practice and influence has been Forrest Yoga, with its long holds, deep breathing and core work consistently amazing me with its capacity to ground and connect to the mind/body on a deeper level. In parallel to Forrest yoga I also practice a slow, breath linked graceful flow taught by Tripsichore and the wonderful Rebel Studio.


To complement the more yang styles of yoga I also practice and teach my own versions of restorative and yin, seeing these softer practices as an invaluable tool in calming the nervous system and releasing physical tension. Whilst practicing yoga can be really profound, it should also be noted that I’d be lying if I didn’t say I enjoyed the play and physical challenge of the odd handstand or two. I encourage this sense of play in students, (in the appropriate level of class) but only if that’s to their tastes, otherwise anyone is always more than welcome to have a lie down. I take a real interest in students’ practices and one of the joys of teaching people of completely different ages, personalities and levels of experience is seeing them benefit physically and perhaps more interestingly, emotionally as I did and continue to.

Whilst regular practice has been my biggest inspiration, below are some of  the training’s and workshops I’ve taken over the years that have genuinely influenced the way I teach.


2010 – 2012 Yogacampus, (part of The Life Centre, London) Yoga Teacher Training Diploma
British Wheel of Yoga accredited, 200 hr Yoga Alliance accredited


2021: Assisted stretch, The Stretch Experience (ongoing)
2019: Tripsichore Intensive, Edward Clarke (100hr)
2018: Tripsichore Creators Course, Edward Clarke (25hr)
2016: Forrest yoga CET, Sandra Heider and Kristi Johnson (23.5hr)
2011: Ashtanga Yoga Teacher training, David Swenson (40 hr)
2009: Restorative yoga: Judith Hanson Lasater (30hr)


Indian Head Massage training, Kathy Hamouy, Complementary Therapies
Be Water:Exploring the Liquid State, Dan Peppiatt
The New Wave of Yoga (online), Michael Stone
Yoga Adjustments, Melanie Cooper and Norman Blair
Centering: Connect to the core, Kristi Rodelli, Sandra Robinson
Partner Assisted Arm Balances and Inversions, Amme Poulton
Float Forward, Back and Glide, Ambra Vallo
360 Degrees Hippy Hips and Flexi Hamstrings, Ambra Vallo
Forrest Yoga adjustments, Kristi Rodelli
Ashtanga yoga adjustments, Philippa Asher
Forrest yoga for anxiety Jambo Truong
Forrest yoga hip assists Jambo Truong
Neuroscience and the Brain: A Yoga Nidra workshop, Leela Miller
Journey to the Core, Ana Forrest
Freeing up the spine, Eileen Gauthier
Fly, float and hover through your practice, Eileen Gauthier
Celebrate your Practice Ana Forrest
Ashtanga Yoga led and Mysore style classes, Dena Kinsberg (one week workshop)
Ashtanga yoga led and Mysore style classes, Nancy Gilgoff (weekend workshop)
Ashtanga Yoga:Jumping back and through Matthew Sweeney