Corporate Classes

Yoga is well known for helping people to ease stress and improve general wellbeing. These benefits can often extend far beyond the physical practice and into people’s everyday lives – including the workplace. Ways different styles of  yoga and breathwork can help at work can include the following:
  • Lower back related issues due to sitting or driving for long periods
  • Insomnia related to workplace pressures
  • Cultivating calm for important events via breath work practices
  • Increase muscle tone, flexibility and fitness for those who don’t have time to exercise outside of work

Company class styles include:

Beginner’s yoga 6 week course

A class aimed at complete beginners focusing on the basic poses and breath work practices. Incorporates work on safe alignment, strength, flexibility and relaxation

Stretch and relax

A slow floor based class suitable for people based at a desk most of the time and/or sporty people looking for a way to release tight muscles from regular exercise. Includes breath work practices to help ease stress and focus the mind.

Dynamic yoga

A blend of strength, flexibility and fitness for those who want to move. Class focuses include core and upper body strength, plus hips, hamstrings and shoulder flexibility. 

For more information on how I devise classes to suit companies or for information to send to your corporate wellness department contact me direct.