Twists: March 4th, 18:30-20:00


Relax on Friday evening with a session primarily focusing on twists.

£5 of each ticket sold to go to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis appeal

Twists were never something that were a big focus of my practice in yoga until relatively recently. Before that it was very often a counterpose to another more interesting part of the practice or nice little warm up /cool down. But  having experimented with more of them and in different movement disciplines they can feel rather lush.  

  • Practically, twists can help wring out tension.  Twisting consciously lengthening the torso and with the aid of the breath can create more space between the vertebrae to help decompress the back of the body. Rotating the spine the back muscles are stretched, connective tissue  around the joint can soften and help retain the spine’s  range of motion. 
  • Enjoyment wise, because there are many postures and movements in which to rotate the spine it can feel a liberating, happy way to let go of tension. Within the session they’ll be traditional twists that always feel good mixed with some gentle laying (almost lazy) twisting  movement on the floor. It’s nothing too fancy  or experimental, more designed to help loosen tension in different ways prepping for relaxation. 

The session as always includes breathwork, proper warm ups and a guided relaxation.

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